Hello, from the Rereader

Here’s my idea: I have a small stack of books from my past. Most of these I bought used from Amazon, but a few of them are the actual physical books I owned, from the time before Amazon and before the internet. It was the availability of books on the internet that inspired me , the realization that any book I ever loved, no matter how obscure, could be retrieved through the magic of the World Wide Web.

Except for those two sci-fi anthologies I read over and over in elementary school; I haven’t been able to find those.

Each one of these books made a huge impression on me, and not, for goodness sake, because they were great literature. They hit me at the right time and I met them halfway with my need. Most of the books in my stack, I haven’t read again since I was eight, or eleven, or seventeen or twenty-one.

What I plan to do here is remember them with you.  I’ll tell you who I was when I read it the first time, and what I remember of it. Only then, I’ll read it again. Rereading in adulthood a book I last read at seventeen will cast some light on the journey. I might be surprised. I’ll also be telling you, in the process, about my life, but through the lens of the books that mattered to me, once upon a time.